Mothers day Breakfast.

When I think about Mother's day I think of breakfast in bed, handmade presents and fresh flowers. I think of a high tea party with a group of lovely ladies, family lunch as well as those, I-love-you-mum mugs.

The happiest things about mothers day are usually the simplest or seemingly insignificant things. You don't need to go to an expensive restaurant or receive expensive gifts. Usually it's the breakfast made by the kids that highlights your day. 

Think about it! Your five year old attempts to make you breakfast, it could be something as simple as scrambled eggs and toast. You know, those sketchy handmade presents from school that look like rubbish, yet its so hard to put them in the bin... 

Mother's day is such a special time, not just for mum but also for the family that goes out their way to make mum feel extra special.


Truth is, as a mother we're usually up and about with little time to stop and enjoy a good breakfast. This Mother's day BE STILL  and enjoy the breakfast, whether it's made by hubby, your five year old, your tribe of kids or even yourself. Pause and enjoy because even though they say Mother's day is every day, it's only really recognized once a year in May.

                      Happy Mother’s Day.

Sally and her tribe of seven.                                   Sally and her four daughters. All wearing mother and daughter set.Sally and her beautiful four daughters are all matching headbands.

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