Don't forget to treat yourself.

This is for my fellow entrepreneurs, who haven't yet reached the stage of paying themselves. Just like my business, it can't afford to give me a pay check yet, even after hours and hours of putting blood, sweat. and tears. I just know that deep down, all those digits need to be saved for a bigger project.

I always remind myself that my business is not THE DREAM, it's transportation to THE DREAM. I've got Bigger Purpose Driven Dreams, that need even Bigger Purpose Driven Savings. I'm pretty sure my fellow entrepreneurs can relate. 

Over the weekend I did a two day event with Gathered Design Market. There is so much that goes on behind every beautiful stall. The preparation before and after the market, the set up and the pack down afterwards. The interaction with the customers and the anticipation of the event, just to name a few. It takes a real toll on you physically and emotionally, mentally and financially and not to mention, spiritually. 

But how do you treat yourself after a huge event? As much as I want to save every penny for the future. I matter now! So I treat myself with a full body massage. It's my way of thanking my legs for standing up for a very long time. My hands for carrying heavy objects and making the products. My back for putting up with all that sewing, I can go on and on but you get the point. The real point is; You matter now! The same respect you give to your future is the same respect you should give your present, because without taking good care of  the NOW, you wont make it to the FUTURE.


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Bee Loko. 


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