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As you read this, just know that you've poured into my cup of joy. Why? because the goal is to push through the crowd noise and the never-ending demand of attention that we are bombarded with daily, so just I can reach out to one person and pass this message to them. You are that one person.

I once met that one person, it was on a cold winter morning, I remember very well because I wasn’t feeling my best, something or someone had upset me, I want to say my husband, but I wasn’t married at the time lol. All I know is that I was sad, angry, and on my way to Melbourne via city loop, Sydenham line to be precise, I think it’s called Sunbury line now. Anyways, we made few stops as trains usually do, a beautiful human walked in, and she was dressed in bold colours, and she had on accessories that caught my attention. Immediately I smiled and she smiled back, without any interaction she made me forget about how I was feeling, because my thoughts had shifted from my sadness and anger to her colourful outfits and accessories.

There is power on how we chose to show up daily. You might just be the light that one person needed to see today (By the way Chaya mean Light or Alive in Hebrew) You might not even be aware of it. Your presence is powerful, your uniqueness is your secret, and your style carries a message. Just like that one person on the train, her choice of being bold with her look demonstrated her confidence of not being afraid to look different or standing out. The colours confirmed the Joy that was already inside of her. Joy is contagious and confidence is attractive.

I speak JOY&CONFIDENCE with my style, and I get it from Chaya Accessories. With hopes of brightening someone’s day.

My message to you is that you stay true to yourself as well as challenge yourself each day, to brighten someone’s day.

Now that you’ve poured into my cup by reading this blog, how about you make it overflow by leaving a comment with your thoughts?

Here is a prompt: What message do you speak with your style?

 Thanks in advance.

God bless.


Bee Faith Loko


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