Same goals. Different mind set.

Happy New Year. 

Is it too late to say Happy new year? The first month of the year is already gone, I guess it's really true when they say.... Time flies when you're having fun. 

Talk about fun, I've been having fun going through my journals and reading all the goals I wrote during the beginning of  2020 and 2021. I don't know about you, but I'm that type that gets so excited about new year resolutions. I usually write endless goals, a to do list for the whole year and crazy none stop creative ideas.


My new year resolutions are usually huge and bold, I sometimes admire myself for having the courage to think big and to aim high. I also do get overwhelmed thinking about accomplishing it all, and that's when fear comes in and cripples me.

As I was preparing to write new goals for 2022 at the end of last year, I paused for the cause, and realised that most of my previous goals were still pending. Ha I laughed at myself.... Moving forward, I had to go back and audit my previous goals. I needed some critical thinking about myself and my goal settings. The thing is I knew that a goal without a due date is only a wish, I also knew that in order to cut a big tree down you need to show up every day with an axe. It's crazy how sometimes we don't put to use the good knowledge that we have.


So, instead of writing up new goals for 2022, the plan is to crossover with the same goals but different mind set. Why? Because a goal is not just another to-do-thing on your list. A goal is something you desire to accomplish, a vision that has the potential to transform not only you, but can change an entire community. Unless you give the goal a due date, break the goal down, divide the goal and show up for it everyday, It will keep on pending and nagging you year in, year out. Sometimes God deposits gifts in us through our goals, it's our duty to fullfil them or unwrap them, if you will. 

New year, same goals, different mind set. 

What's your take on setting goals for new year? I'd love to read about it on the comment below. 


Happy New Year.







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I love it Bee.
Show up every day with an axe: 💪
Authentic, strong and determined approach 😍

Mary February 14, 2022

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