Business & Motherhood.

Our youngest, Chaya, started school this year. I was so excited to be having two kids in primary school, which meant extra time for business, Ministry and myself of course. The thought of another child can feel like a set back. I've waited six years to enjoy this freedom and here I am thinking of throwing it away.

It was October last year that we were certain and decided that our team needed a new member. With Chaya turning six this month and Jeremiah almost ten, I knew that I had my very own born baby sitters. I believe a women can raise a family as well as build an empire. We've been blessed with a multitasking gift from God. 

As a business women and a mother, planning is very important to me, I usually plan quarterly, monthly and on weekly basis. I aim to work only when they are at school or sleeping. But things doesn't always go as planned. The reality of motherhood won't just allow it, and so I take every opportunity I get to squeeze in work here and there, for example Mondays are for swimming lessons but they are also for updating tracking numbers and weekly planning while watching them swim.

My children are my biggest supporters, they get supper excited every time they hear a sound of a new order, they're constantly suggesting how I should expend the business and create new products, they talk about how they want to work for me, honestly speaking they believe in me more than I believe me.

 As a mother, God has entrusted them to me and it's my ultimate goal to be the best mum I can be. And in business world, my aim is to be a role model for them as an entrepreneur, I want my kids to be able to say if mama did it we can do it too. As for Elikia, we are beyond excited that in less than ten weeks our family will be welcoming a new member. We can't wait to see the little contribution he will add to the business.

Its definitely an exciting new season for Business and Motherhood at Chaya Boutique Liputa.

Bee Loko


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I don’t even have kids yet and I was really anxious about the amount of time I’ll need to dedicate to raising them, and also finding time for myself and my business.
thank you for sharing your experience.

Ma-Musu October 01, 2020

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