I Decided To Close My Business.

2020 took us all by surprise. No one saw it coming at us like that. It was my first time seeing time actually stand still. 

March this year I had decided to close my business. When all the markets were cancelled I didn't see how I was going to survive. Markets worked best for me, compapred to my online store. I didn't want to keep paying for fees and not making sales. I was really torn with the decision of shutting it down but I was also afraid of the uncertainty  of covid-19. So I did what I know how to do best... Pray. I ask God for a sign. That same day I had three people who wanted to purchase something and my website wasn't working. I took it as a sign to keep the website going. 

So I told God if this is your will, I want no less than 10 orders per week. That same week I had 9 orders until Saturday night, I looked at the time, and I told God out loud in front of my family that He only had less than an hour to make it to 10 orders. To my surprise an order came though after I made that prayer. And I had exactly 10 orders that week. Crazy right?? Well 10 orders per week turned into 10 orders per day. I couldn't believe what was happening, my business was doing so well in the midst of a pandemic.


This pandemic had a massive affect on small businesses. It really broke my heart seeing lots of businesses struggle. I thank God and every customer that kept my business alive.  One thing I learned as a business women is how to adapt during stormy weather. Don't let the middle of your story be the end of your story. Stick around to see what God has for you on the other side.

I'm glad I stuck around because I had no idea how many people I was impacting through my business.




This story is really inspiring. Thanks God, you stick around.

Laurelle October 28, 2020

Stormy weather comes at times, however only eagles soar through them.
You are an eagle not a chic, remember storm is the best weather for you to spread your wigs and soar.
Don’t look at anyone else, but focus on Jesus who makes you soar above the storms.
I Love your story.

Solange Nkailu September 01, 2020

My favourite quote “ Don’t let the middle of your story be the end of your story. Stick around to see what God has for you on the other side.”
Go girl 😍

Mary September 01, 2020

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