What makes you happy?

Life is way too short to stand still and keep waiting for the right time to live your dream life.

My dream life is define by what makes me happy and what gives me peace.

What's makes me happy? It's the woman I'm becoming.

I've stoped waiting.. waiting for the right occasion to wear that outfit. Waiting for the boarders to open so I can travel again. Waiting for my kids to grow up so I can be free. Waiting until a buy a house so I can transform it. I've stoped waiting. 

What makes happy? It's the woman I'm becoming.

I've started creating a life that reflects my happiness. Here are few main things that I'm currently working on to make it a reality.

Clarity In My Style. I decided to only keep outfits that I truly love. I cleared out my wardrobe. Said goodbye to some items I've hoarded, so I can only be clothed in happiness. 

Breathing Space. I'm in a process of transforming our home, the goal is to turn every corner into a happy place. Styling and decorating it. Giving it a splash of  bold colours, plants and good reads. I call it #myafrobohome. ( check it out on insta)

 Purpose Purchase. Truth be told we've all purchased so many things in the past that we didn't really need. A budget is telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went. Financial freedom is happiness. 

Self Care. When I think of self care, I usually think of my 50 year old self thanking me for taking care of us. There are many version of me waiting on me. The best care I can give me is being me at every stage of my life.

Acceptance. Happiness becomes easy when you're at peace with who you are and where you're at. I no longer need to wait for my children to grow up so I can do certain things, I do them anyways, it just takes me longer.

 What makes me happy? It's the women I'm becoming.

What makes you happy? I'd love to read all about it in the comment section. Do you have any tips I could add on my list? 

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